Chemistry I with Pablo

Test 3 Refiew Answers Chem

Below are the Supplemental Instruction materials for CHM 2044 section 1, with Patino.




My name is Pablo Chusan, I’ll be your S.I. leader for Chemistry I!! I’m very excited to S.I. for this class considering that this was the first step into my love for Chemistry. If any of you ever have a question please ask me in class or through Canvas mail (Webcourses mail). Thank you so much and let’s rock this semester! <Great resource, has all types of trends that you will have to know.


^^^^^^These are videos that will more than likely help you all understand any concepts that you might be confused on!^^^ You can click the top left to pick a specific topic or just watch it all with some popcorn.

balancingEquationsWkst <<<I would say nevermind the first part but this will help with the balancing.

Naming Compounds <<<This should help with naming the different molecules now that many will only be written by words, not elements.


Mole Ratio worksheet <Questions for mole ratios now that you all need to start doing these. Also helps with balancing equations and how that is used.

Key for Mole Ratio Worksheet Answers for said questions.



Test 3 Review CHM 1

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Final Review CHM 1 No answers

Final Review CHM 1