Chemistry II with Carolyn

Below are materials for SI Leader Carolyn’s Chemistry II, instructed by Saitta, section 1, Spring 2017.



Hello everyone!

My name is Carolyn-Marie (Carolyn for short). If you’re in Dr. Saitta’s class than I will be your SI leader for this semester. Please feel free to come to my sessions as we work together to strive for your success in this class. Here are my SI times:


Exam Dates:
Exam 1: January 30th
Exam 2: February 20th
Exam 3: March 20th
Exam 4: April 17th
Big Ideas Final: April 24th
ACS Exam: April 26th



Exam 2 Review (must print for Thursday review) Thank you to all those who came to the review session, I hope it was constructive. Once again I’m so sorry for the space issue (and those lights). The answer key is posted below.To those students who were outside: I appreciate you guys for staying.

Exam 2 Review Answers

Exam 3 Review (For exam review today 3/7)