Human Anatomy with Dania

Below are the Supplemental Instruction materials for ZOO 3733 section 1, with Samsam.

SI Leader: Dania F. 

Session Times and Locations

Monday          10:30-11:20am      CNH 207E

Tuesday          12:30-1:20pm        VAB 113

Wednesday    10:30-11:20am       NSC 112

Thursday        2:30-3:20pm           TA 203

Thursday        5:30-6:20pm           OPAL             Click here!  Room Password: OPAL 

Exam 1 Practice Exam: Click here!

Questions of the Day!

(5/15) Which curvatures of the spine are primary? Secondary? At what age do each of the secondary curvatures appear? 

(5/16) What are the layers of the meninges? What are the spaces in between the layers and what do these spaces contain? 

(5/17) What are the contents and borders of the sub-occipital triangle? What nerve innervates the associated muscles? Which nerve is associated with pain from migraines?

(5/18) What are the contents of the greater sciatic foramen, lesser sciatic foramen, and obturator foramen? Which of these can be divided into two hiatuses by the piriformis muscle? Which of these has an associated membrane? 

(5/22) What are the two types of ossification? Note key points in the process for each. Which type is associated with cleidocranial dysostosis?

(5/23) Where on your humerus would a fracture lead to axillary nerve damage? Radial nerve damage? Median nerve damage? Ulnar nerve damage? Take a look at the compromised function/signs associated with those nerve injuries.

(5/24) What are the contents of the carpal tunnel? What is carpal tunnel syndrome?Which conditions make it more likely for someone to have carpal tunnel syndrome? 

(5/25) What is the common attachment site for the flexors of the arm? Extensors? What is golfer’s elbow? Tennis elbow? 

Recorded OPAL Videos 

Every Friday, a recording of the previous OPAL session will be posted here for you to watch if you could not attend and/or edit your notes.

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