Human Physiology with Hunter!

Below are the Supplemental Instruction materials for PCB 3703 section 1, with Ahangari.

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Image result for Phagocytosis gifMy name is Hunter, I have been an SI leader for Human Physiology for a while now. If its worth noting, I TA for Human Anatomy with Dr. Samsam, so you can say I love both their classes and very familiar with the content. A little about myself, I’m a senior now (I think) studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. I’m more fascinated with the brain and the spinal cord and I aspire to get into Medical school and eventually specialize in Neurosurgery or Fetal Surgery (I’m waiting for inspiration). You’re probably wondering “How should I be as a student of physiology?”. Well the answer to that is very simple, 1. GO TO CLASS… Dr. Ahangari is a walking genius when it comes to Physiology, secondary sources such as google may not get you far. 2. RECORD LECTURE…. She’s probably one of the best, if not the best, at lecturing. At UCF we are so accustomed to getting the slides audiobooked for us but for this class, whatever she says, YOU WRITE DOWN. If she coughs you write it down! Even if she says “you don’t need to write, you have the information” write it down, its still important. You can type but she often draws pictures in class so with writing its more efficient. Also, DRAW THE PICTURES YOURSELF, yes you can take a picture of it, but when its 3 in the morning and you have a bunch of scribbles, it won’t make sense toImage result for cardiovascular system gifyou. Sometimes she can go a little fast, especially if its something you’re not comfortable with. A lot of people wonder if the textbook is needed, the answer is idk, for me I found a pdf online and had it but I NEVER opened it. I like to think she helps you write a textbook of your own for you to study from. I would print out the slides, and write below the slides anything and everything she says. And by the end of the semester, you have a physiology textbook of her lectures transcribed into handwritten notes. I know you probably hear this in every class you take, but STUDY Image result for cigarette lungs gifEVERYDAY. What does that mean? Re-listen to lecture, fix your notes, read over your notes a couple of times, and etc. You probably heard from other students that I make good study materials, and thats true. I work really hard for you all because I’m really passionate about this subject and helping my peers succeed! I want you all to have a good grade and a smile by the end of the semester, this is a fast paced course but I think its more than doable! Let’s have a great semester!

***Concepts You Should Understand, or Know for Human Physiology***