Human Physiology with Hunter

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I’m Hunter the SI leader for Image result for GI Tract GifHuman Physiology with Dr. Ahangari. I’ve taken this class, as well as Dr. Samsam’s Human Anatomy, and done extremely well. Physiology, in particular has by far been the most useful. To a text book, physiology is defined as the biological study of organ systems and their respective functions. To me physiology is so much more. Unlike anywhere else, you’ll learn why things happen and to what degree the body on a large scale is affected and taking those symptoms and applying it to a clinical aspect and how one tiny error on a nucleic acid can code for a protein that will cause this organ to overact, which causes this cell to be stimulated, which will cause that cell to secrete this hormone, which will tell another organ to relax, which sends your blood pressure through the roof. Fascinating, I know! I hope to see you all at my sessions and I wish you the best of luck!

*Concepts to Understand Before Physiology*

  • EXAM I Material: [Exam date Jan 30, Monday]
  • EXAM REVIEW:(1/26/17) 5:30-7:30pm CB2-207
    • Exam I Diseases/Disorders
    • Exam I Study Guide (Blank)
    • Exam I Study Guide (Answers)
    • Exam I Practice Test
    • 12% Curve
  • EXAM II Material:[Exam Date:Feb 20,Monday]
  • EXAM REVIEW: Wednesday Feb 15, 6pm-8pm (BA1 119)
    • Exam II Diseases/Disorders
    • Visual Fields
    • Exam II Study Guide (Blank)
    • Exam II Study Guide (Answers)
    • Exam II Practice (Blank)
    • Exam II Practice (Answers)
    • 10 % Curve
  • Exam III Material: [Exam Date: March 20, Monday]
  • EXAM REVIEW: Thursday March 9, 6pm- 8pm (CB1 121)
    • Exam III Practice (Blank)
    • Exam III Practice (Answers)
    • Exam III Study Guide (Blank)
    • Exam III Study Guide (Answers)
    • 20 % Curve
  • Exam V Material:
    • TBA


EXAM IV Useful Links:

This video is good, but it emphasizes anatomy moreover than physio but its still good for animations.

This is a good video on Spirometry,

If you have 20 minutes to kill, this is cool, I remember watching this in elementary school, its a nice cruise through the GI tract if you haven’t taken anatomy yet:

OR you can just watch this, he has a good narrator voice:

Here is an animation on HCl production in parietal cells: