Immunology with Andrea

March 29th, 2017

Practice Test 4

Hi everyone!

As promised, I am uploading the practice test. Please make sure that you work on it before coming to the review session, and bring as many questions as you want.

You will notice that there are a few “Extra Questions” at the end. I put those there to challenge you, this way you will be able to test not only your knowledge but your understanding of the topic. Keep in mind that I will be giving the answers of these in class and I will not post the answer for these “extra questions” online.

As a reminder, the information for the review session is as follows:

Date: Friday 3/21

Time: From 7:00am to 8:50am

Place: CB1 – 120

Here is the practice test:

Practice Test 4

Good luck and I hope to see you this Friday!

March 27th, 2017

Test 4 Review Session

Hello everyone,

I received confirmation of this next review session for test #4. The info is as follows:

Date: Friday 3/21

Time: From 7:00am to 8:50am

Place: CB1 – 120

I will be posting the practice test this Wednesday afternoon.

I hope to see you all there.

March 3rd, 2017

Practice Test #3 (revised), and Answer Key.

Hello everyone,

For those who attended the review session, thank you for making the effort of waking up early and coming. I really hope that I was able to clarify a few concepts so that you can study/review better this weekend.

As you know, there were a few questions in which the wording was a bit weird, and made these questions either ambiguous or wrong… so I fixed them!

Remember that I still have one SI session on Monday before the test, it will be at 10am in NSC-108. Come with any questions, so that we can do one last 50 min review before the test.

Here are the files:



Good luck on the test!!

March 1st, 2017

Practice Test #3.

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all doing very well, and that you are studying hard for this upcoming test. As promised I have uploaded the practice test, and as always I will post the answer key the day of the review.

As a reminder, the review session will be held this Friday 3/3, CB1 – 120, from 7:00am to 9:00am.

I hope to see you at ALL my SI sessions… not only my review!


Have a wonderful day!

Feb 27th, 2017

Review Session for Test #3 is here!!


Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing well, and that you are pushing through with the semester, don’t worry that we are half way through it!!

First of all I wanted to remind you that I still have my regular SI sessions, which are here to help you study for this class; so please take advantage of this FREE service that UCF provides.

Secondly, I received confirmation for my next review session. The review will be held in CB1 – 120 on Friday 3/3 from 7:00am to 9:00am.

I will be posting the review exam on Wednesday afternoon. As always please work through the test before coming to the review, and bring as many questions as you can… more questions we have, and more productive the review will be for you!

Feb. 2nd, 2017

Answer Key Practice Test #2.



Here’s the answer key of the practice test that we went over today.


Feb. 15th, 2017.

Practice Test #2.


I’ve uploaded the second practice test. Please make sure to work on it before coming to the review, so that we can focus on the anything that seems most difficult. Make sure to bring friends, and lots of questions!!

Just as a reminder, the review will be this friday 2/17. Here’s the info of the review:

Date: February 17th, 2017.

Time: from 7:00am to 9:00am

Location: HPA1 – 116.

Practice Test #2: practice-test-2

Feb. 2nd, 2017.

Review Session #2 is SCHEDULED!

IL and DC everywhere.jpg


I liked this meme because it describes how I felt when I was studying for this exam… but worry NOT! If you are coming to my sessions, going to Prof. Weigel’s discussions and keeping up with the material, you should be fine.

As the title announces, I did receive confirmation for the next review session:

Date: February 17th, 2017.

Time: from 7:00am to 9:00am

Location: HPA1 – 116.

I know it’s super early, and I apologize, but that’s the best I could do with my availability. I will upload the practice test 3 – 4 days before the test review.

I hope to see you in my next SI session!!

Jan. 27th, 2017.

Practice Test 1 – Answer Key.



First of all, this first test is really NOT that bad, so don’t worry about it! I have uploaded the answer key for practice test 1 (at the end of this announcement).

As I said earlier, do not use just the practice test to study, since it probably does NOT cover all the material that you are responsible for this test!! Also keep in mind that I am not Prof. Weigel, and because I’m the SI leader and work for SARC I do not see his tests neither before or after exam day… this means that I cannot guarantee that any of these questions will be on your actual exam.

That being said, I hope that the review was helpful to clarify any doubts, and I hope that you all Ace this exam!!

Here are both the practice test and the answer key:



Jan. 24th, 2017

SI Session Schedule is available!!


immunology-si-sessionsI just received the finalized schedule for my SI Sessions, which means that I will start holding them tomorrow 1/25.

Please remember that there is a Test Review Session scheduled on 1/26 which will last 1.5 hrs; this is scheduled instead of the regular 50 min SI Session.

Let me know if you any questions!

Jan. 23rd, 2017

Test 1 review is available.


clbgpxhuca4w8swI’ve uploaded the Practice Test for Test 1 and a review that I also wrote. Please make sure to work on the practice test before the review session, and come with plenty of questions!



Jan. 20th, 2017

Test 1 Review!!


Hello everyone!

I’m still waiting to get my SI Sessions scheduled, but considering that test 1 is coming, I’m happy to announce that Test 1 Review has been scheduled! 

Date: Thursday 1/26

Time: 10:30 am to 11:50 am.

Location: HEC – 117.

I will be uploading a study guide and a test review sometime before Tuesday night. Please make sure that you do the test review before coming in!

If you subscribe to this page you can get an email notification of when I will upload the material.

If you have any questions, you can stop me before/after class and I will be more than happy to help you.


If you are attending Immunology (PCB 3233) with Prof. Weigel, then you are in the right place. My name is Andrea and I will be your SI Leader for this semester. As announced the first day of class, I’m a student who already took the class and earned an A in it, and I will be holding four weekly sessions (times and places TBD) to help you study for this challenging class.

I will also be holding 2 hours long exam review sessions, which I will announce in class as soon as I have the times for these.

Please do not forget to check this page every couple of days (you can even subscribe to it to receive emails every time I post/upload something), I will be posting updates and files (such as reviews, solutions, etc) as the semester progresses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop me before or after class, I will be more than happy to help you! (Side note: I can only attend the MWF 11:30am – 12:20am CB2-101 class).

Have a great semester!!

Below are materials for SI Leader Andrea’s Immunology, instructed by Weigel, section 1, Spring 2017.