Intro to Discrete Structures with Alexander

Below are materials for SI Leader Alexander’s Intro to Discrete Structures, instructed by Guha, section 2, Spring 2017.

COT3100_EXAM2_REVIEW– This is the mock exam which was used for the review on 3/20/2017.

Session Times and Locations:

Tue        1:30 PM  – 2:20  PM          MSB 306

Wed      7:30 PM  – 8:20  PM          CB1 318

Thu        11:00 AM – 11:50  AM     CB1 103

Thu        12:30 PM – 1:20  PM        HPA1 363

Introduction to Higher Mathematics – This is a lecture series which I found very helpful when I was taking this class, as the first 10 or so videos contain the same material.

laws-inference-quantification – This is a pdf file I created which elaborates on the laws of inference for Quantification, and attempts to explain them informally and intuitively.