Microbiology with Ginny

Below are materials for SI Leader Ginny’s Microbiology, instructed by White, section 1, Spring 2017. 

Hi guys my name is Ginny and I am super excited to be your SI leader this semester for Microbiology!

My times are as follows:

Monday: 9:00-9:50 am CB1 107

Monday: 3:00-3:50 pm PSY 111

Tuesday: 4:30-5:20 pm HPA1 246

Wednesday: 4:30-5:20 pm CB1 301

I look forward to working with you guys at SI and seeing you soon!

Hey everyone! Your second exam is March 8th 2017. I know this is a little late but I was finally able to get it finished so here is the unit 2 study guide. Please remember to also check out Dr. White’s Study guide on web-courses, your own class notes, the power points, and textbook.I know not everyone was happy with their grade on the first test, so this is your chance to work harder and bring it up. By now I hope you have a decent understanding of the slide information. If not that should be your first goal. Then you really need to spend time piecing it together, come to SI, read the textbook, go to Dr. Whites, Bracken’s, or John’s office hours, or form a group and study! Everyone is a little different but as Dr. White says study to learn, not just to memorize for a test. Good Luck!!!

Unit 2 Study Guide unit-2-exam-microbiology-study-guide-spring-2017

Unit 1 Study Guide  micro-exam-1-study-guide-spring-2017

Ginny’s Study Tips


->Read over the power-points take your own notes, and make flashcards, combine this knowledge with your lecture notes. You can also substitute a study guide in if you want to.

->Then start hitting the sections you don’t understand as well by reading the textbook, going to SI or office hours, and start group studying. Talking out a process and then teaching it to someone else will really help show if you know it. Also draw out off all of the pathways this is important and will help connect the dots.

->Once you have gone through everything do the practice questions Dr. White has posted on web-courses.

->If you are feeling stressed or tired when studying I recommend listening to upbeat music (like the Jackson 5), taking a shower, eating something, and getting a decent amount of sleep. An all nigher is the worst thing you can do before an exam. Rest and relaxation is important for reading White’s questions.

->BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. tumblr_mgib3xaS8h1rz2nelo1_250

Other Helpful Resources:

Test 2:


Test 1:

virus retrovirus

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If you’re ever feeling lonely,
just remember that trillions of microbes are on you and in you at all times.
so you’re never really alone!