Organic Chemistry II with Ajay

Below are materials for SI Leader Ajay’s Organic Chemistry II, instructed by Huo, section 3, Spring 2017.

Yoo what’s up! Y’all should come to SI sessions because I get lonely pretty easily, and if that wasn’t enough to motivate you, students who attend SI sessions regularly earn 1/2 to 1 letter grade higher on final course grades compared to students who don’t attend. 🙂

Good luck this semester!

SI Session Times: chm-2211-ajay-g

Exam 2 Review Info: Thursday (2/23/17) in CB1-119 from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

Exam 2 Review: orgo-2-exam-2-practice

Exam 2 Answer Key: orgo-2-exam-2-answer-key

Exam 3 Review: CHM 2211 Practice Exam 3


Disclaimer For Exams:

The practice exams are made by me, and I have not actually seen your exam. I would suggest sticking to the materials recommended by your professor, and then use this practice exam as a supplement. Not all topics on your exam are covered in the practice test. Good luck!!

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