Physics I with Santiago!


Below are materials for SI Leader Santiago’s Physics I, instructed by Dubey, section 1, Spring 2017.
OPAL Session Link! (Tuesdays 6 P.M.)

PHY 2053-Santiago G (1)-1.jpg
Welcome to my page. I am your SI leader Santiago, but you guys can call me Santy.
I think physics is a great class because it gives your brain some exercise, and it teaches you some great applicable knowledge about how things work on planet Earth. I look forward to meeting you all this semester!

SI stands for supplemental instruction. It is designed to help you guys find your way to the solutions with the help of a facilitator like me. Think of me like more of a guide rather than a tutor. This means that SI works best when you bring questions to the sessions! Bring questions or material that you want to refine, and I will be more than happy to work together with you guys to find the answers that we are looking for.

Another fun fact about SI is that it is statistically proven that students who come to SI regularly tend to get about a half to a full letter grade higher overall in the class than those who do not, so be in the favorable side of that statistic!