Statics with Kirsten


Below are materials for SI Leader Kirsten’s Engineering Statics, instructed by Medeiros, sections 2 and 5, Spring 2017.


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Midterm Exam

For some practice for your Midterm next week here are some problems that I put together that will give you a broad overview of everything you have gone over so far


My solutions: solutions-practice-midterm-1-sp17 

**NOTE: for #5-45 the coordinate for C should be (0,1.5,0) m. The work for the problem is correct and the final answers are correct. I probably got distracted by a plot twist in House of Cards and was like “Let’s put a negative sign where it doesn’t belong Kirsten!”.  Again, I am not perfect. 

Good Luck!

Chapter 3

How to use a graphing calculator to solve linear systems of equations –>

TI Nspire:

TI 84/89:

Chapter 5

Support Reaction Chart PDF –> support-reaction-chart

Final Exam

Chapter 6

Method of Joints How-to –> how-to-method-of-joints

Method of Sections How To –> how-to-method-of-sections