STA 2023 Statistical Methods I with Yishan Wang

Below are materials for SI Leader Yishan Wang’s Statistical Methods I, instructed by professor James Schott, section 3, Spring 2017.


Places of Asking for Academic Help for STA 2023:

1. Yishan’s SI Time & Location: SI Time & Location 

Monday 3:30p – 4:20p CB1 220 

Tuesday 4:30p – 5:20p TA 221

Thursday 3:30p – 4:20p CB1 301

Friday 4:30p – 5:20p CB1 119

Note: CBI is Classroom Building I and TA is Teaching Academy 

2. Kimberly’s SI Time & Location: Statistical Methods I (STA 2023) with Kimberly 

3. For those who can’t make my or Kimberly’s SI time, I’m very sorry about it. But there is another useful place to ask for help – SARC PEER TUTORING for STA 2023 and it is FREE!

SARC Peer Tutoring Time:    

Monday: 11:00a-1:00p 

Tuesday: 12:00p-2:00p  

Wednesday: none 

Thursday: 8:30a-10:30a/12:00p-2:00p

 Friday: 11:00a-1:00p                             

SARC Peer Tutoring Location: Howard Phillips Hall (HPH) Room 115


Professor James Schott’s Webset:  



Things you need to bring to the Exam: Raspberry scantron, Pencil, Eraser, Student ID, Calculator, One formula sheet, Z table.  


Study Materials for Each Exam:

SI Exam 1 Review Session: si-exam-1-review-for-professor-james-schott

SI Exam 1 Review Session Answer Plus an Extra Table Practice Problem: Exam 1 Practice Problem Answers for James Schott


SI Exam 2 Review Session: SI Exam 2 Review Session for Jame Schott

SI Exam 2 Review Session Answer: exam-2-practice-problem-answers-for-professor-james-schott


SI Exam 3 Review Session: SI Exam 3 Review Session for professor James Schott

SI Exam 3 Review Session Answer: SI Exam 3 Review Answer for professor James Schott

Tables you need for Exam 3: tables